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Cat Keyhole Bra and Panty Black

This is the item everyone’s been requesting like crazy: the legendary Cat Keyhole Bra and Panty set, with bell choker, which exploded on the Internet in early 2016. This awesome lingeie set comes with the top piece with “cat keyhole” to show breasts through, plus the cat-style panties and bell choker for the throat. The size is “free size” (meaning one size fits all), but because the sides are tied with strings, they’re quite adjustable. This is the black type.

Bands Size: 36cm (14.2in)
Size: FREE

Knee High Border Socks Pink

Knee High Border Socks Pink

Enjoy these super kawaii “over knee socks” (border socks, thigh high stockings) that are great for any kind of fashion or cosplay. The built in strong elastic top will keep them up while you show them off, though we have socks glue if you need it. These are the white and pink over-knee socks. By Joybank.

Shoe Size: 20‾24cmcm (7.9‾9.4in)

Gothic Lolita Lace Middle-High Socks

Gothic Lolita Lace Middle-High Socks

Complete your gothic lolita look with these authentic socks with lace and ribbons that come in a black color. These socks are of the middle high variety complete with white lace and black ribbons. Made from high quality nylon. Officially approved for use with gothic lolita outfits.

Size: 22-25cm (8.7-9.8in)
Length: 43cm (16.9in)


Ribbon Knee High Socks BLACK

Ribbon Knee High Socks BLACK (mia costume)

Here’s a great new pair of elegant Gothic Lolita style over knee socks, for anyone looking to be as kawaii as they can be. The socks are standard sized, black with a white ribbon fixed to the top. Great whether you’re planning an awesome full blown cosplay or ELG outfit, or just want to look more frilly and cute.

Size: FREE

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